JungleLure Bengal Kittens
Located in West Central Florida

The Bengal breed combines the exotic look and feel of the wild cat they descend from with the dependability and loving temperament of the domestic cat.
Take a walk on the wild side and experience the joy only a Bengal can bring in to a home!
Questions? Comments? Send to: Joanne@leopardkittens.com
Questions? Comments? Mail to: Joanne@leopardkittens.com
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JungleLure is proud to be a TICA registered cattery
At JungleLure, kittens are raised in our home and with our family. We are proud to provide your family with a beautiful, intelligent, and well-adjusted Bengal kitten as a 'fur'ever family pet.

Our current pet kitten price is $550*

Pet kittens come with a 5-generation pedigree, up-to-date vaccinations, a FL Health Certificate and health guarantee. Parents are TICA registered. Upon request and after receiving a copy of a spay/neuter certificate**, TICA registrations for Pet kittens may be provided***.

Most of our kittens are show and breeder quality and we often get inquiries from other breeders about purchasing breeding rights for a kitten.  Breeding rights will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The cost varies and will be considered depending on the kitten and the breeding program. We will only consider selling a male with breeding rights to persons who have full knowledge of the challenges of owning an intact male cat and can demonstrate the ability to provide proper housing and care for a full grown breeding adult male.

Please give us a call or send an e-mail if you have any questions about these magnificent felines.
*Since 2007, our pet price has been $550 whether the kitten is a male or female, marbled or spotted, brown or snow. We have strived to keep our pet price reasonable so all families can take a walk on the wild side and experience the joy only a Bengal can bring into a home. As with all things in life, our pet price is subject to change, and may be more or less depending on the litter and circumstance.

**The kitten owner is responsible for supplying JungleLure with a spay/neuter certificate. The spay/neuter certificate must sufficiently identify the kitten. ***Kittens must be spayed/neutered at or before 6 months of age. TICA registration papers for Kittens spayed/neutered after 6 months of age or not sufficiently identified on spay/neuter documentation will be considered on a kitten-by-kitten basis.