JungleLure Maximilian at 8 weeks old
JungleLure Maximilian at 19 weeks old
JungleLure Bengal Kittens
Incredible Spotted Bengals and Savannahs Available in West Central Florida
The "Fuzzy Uglies"
The difference 11 weeks can make
Savannah and Bengal kittens do have some wild traits in them and the fuzzy uglies is certainly one of them. The “fuzzy uglies” usually start to appear when the kitten is about three weeks of age; their coats will become dull looking. This happens in the wild because the kittens begin to explore and this helps camouflage them from predators. The fuzzies will usually start to clear up about 12 to 16 weeks of age. When the kitten finally sheds the last of these little white fuzzy hairs you will fully appreciate the beauty and striking appearance of your Savannah or Bengal kitten.
The Leopard That Does Change His Spots
The Bengal breed combines the exotic look and feel of the wild cat they descend from with the dependability and loving temperament of the domestic cat. Take a walk on the wild side and experience the joy only a Bengal can bring in to a home!
Questions? Comments? Send to: Joanne@leopardkittens.com
Questions? Comments? Mail to: Joanne@leopardkittens.com
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