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The Bengal has oval, almost round eyes, medium sized ears with a wide base and rounded tip, and a stong chin. Curve of the forehead flows from the bridge of the nose with no break.
Bengal     vs.     Savannah
The Savannah has an almond shape eye set at a slight angle and with a slightly hooded brow. Tear stain markings are present along and between the eye and the nose. Ears are large and high on the head; wide with a deep base and rounded tips.  The Savannah's mouth curves gently upward giving the appearance of a smile.
The classic ever-present Savannah smile
Both the Savannah and the Bengal may have spotted patterns. The Bengal can be rosetted and/or glittered traits that are found in pet Savannahs on rare occassions.

Pictured to the right:

  • Seal Mink Rosetted Bengal
  • Brown Spotted Savannah (center)
  • Brown Spotted Savannah (right)
Large ears set high on the head
Almond shaped eye set at slight angle and with a slightly hooded brow
Medium ears with a wide base and rounded tips
Oval, almost round eyes
Strong chin
Curve of forehead flows upward with no break
The Bengal breed combines the exotic look and feel of the wild cats they descend from with the dependability and loving temperament of the domestic cat. Take a walk on the wild side and experience the joy only a Bengal or Savannah can bring in to a home!
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The Asian Leopard Cat is the wild ancestor of the Bengal cat breed
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The African Serval is the wild ancestor of the Savannah cat breed
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