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Kittens from our new line of VAN GOGH BENGALS are available now!
Each Van Gogh kitten is a unique masterpiece of painted beauty.
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All kittens are raised in our home and with our family... always - no exceptions!
Champion backgrounds!
Sociable, happy, and well-adjusted!
Incredible Glittering!
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for these outstanding kittens!
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Updated 08-12-11
Snow and Leopard Spotted and Marbled Bengal Kittens AVAILABLE NOW
Questions? Comments? Send to: Joanne@leopardkittens.com
Questions? Comments? Mail to: Joanne@leopardkittens.com
Asian Leopard Cat
The Asian Leopard Cat is the wild ancestor of the Bengal cat breed
African Serval
The African Serval is the wild ancestor of the Savannah cat breed
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JungleLure is proud to be a TICA registered cattery
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