Leopard CatHabitat
Felis bengalensis  Forest and rainforest, both low and mountainous areas; not arid areas.

Home Range Reproduction Diet
Southeast AsiaLitter of two to four; gestation 65-70 days.Birds, fish, reptiles, small mammals.
Hunts mainly at night.
Scientific literature describes leopard cats as "house cat size with somewhat longer legs", a weight range up to 15 lbs., and a long muscular body structure. The background color of the coat is highly variable depending on where the cat is from, and ranges from bright reddish to silver gray, golden, or tawny brown. The underparts are spotted on a white background, and the tail is ringed toward the tip. There are usually four longitudinal bands running from the forehead or inner eye corners to behind the neck that break into short bands and elongated spots over the shoulders, although sometimes one stripe runs the length of the body. The spots are rosetted in some of the cats, solid in others. The head is relatively small with a narrow muzzle and the ears are described in the literature as moderately long and narrow with rounded tips. There is a white spot on the back of the ear typical of spotted cat species. The eyes are large and amber to grey in color. Two narrow black cheek stripes run from the comers of the eye, enclosing a white area on the cheek.
Leopard cats are excellent swimmers.
Asian Leopard Cat (Felis bengalensis)
JungleLure Bengal Kittens
Bengal cats developed over several generations through a program of selectively crossbreeding domestic cats possessing certain features with the spotted Asian Leopard Cats. Today the Bengal is recognized as a domestic purebreed and they have proven to be one of the most extraordinarily remarkable house pets a person can own!
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Located in West Central Florida
The Bengal breed combines the exotic look and feel of the wild cat they descend from with the dependability and loving temperament of the domestic cat. Take a walk on the wild side and experience the joy only a Bengal can bring in to a home!
Questions? Comments? Send to: Joanne@leopardkittens.com
Questions? Comments? Mail to: Joanne@leopardkittens.com
Asian Leopard Cat
The Asian Leopard Cat is the wild ancestor of the Bengal cat breed
African Serval
The African Serval is the wild ancestor of the Savannah cat breed
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